Zakat & Tax Services

Tax codes around the business world are complicated to say the least. Having sufficient acknowledge about such subject matter does not only reflect business prudence, but also social responsibility. Thus, our clients need to be informed for any transaction implications. The same goes for Zakat, which is Islamic Tax applicable here in Saudi Arabia, but it is more straight forward and simpler in substance and form, yet there is the need to be cautious with the enforcement of the relative code. Our clients seek value added advice for Zakat & Tax practices in Saudi Arabia to take advantage of favorable treatments and incentives develop by the regulator to stimulate particular business sector. We help our clients in such situation, especially, in the Zakat & Tax disputes were we have strong track record in resolving complicated issues since our specialists used to work for Department of Zakat & Income Tax. BMB&Co. services include, but not limited to:

  • Zakat & Tax Planning
  • Zakat & Tax Reporting
  • Zakat & Tax Dispute Resolution Services