Structure and Organization Services

Different organizations have different needs to succeed and those needs evolve and change as organizations grow and mature. Organizational Structures, Layout, and Infrastructure (OSLI)(e.g. policies and procedures) are one of the many needs required for organizations to flourish and perform. The type of SLI needed at citrine stage of an organization’s lifetime varies from one stage to another. Having the wrong OSLI on ground could result in inefficiency, slow response time, lack of flexibility, and loss of profits.

BMB&Co. help its clients to assess its OSLI needs and provides recommendations that can optimize productivity and performance. Our services, at BMB&Co., with regard to OSLI are comprehensive from the first diagnosis till the detailed work flow testing needed to ensure reduction of key process critical path duration and probability of error according to client selected tolerance level. Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Organizational Development & Restructuring
  • Policies and Procedures Review and/or Development
  • Functions and Job Description Development
  • Information and Work Flow Design & Development