Feasibility Study Services

With new projects, there is a strong need to have all relevant factors in prospective to have an informed decision making. Having a good business plan or Feasibility Study (FS) is key for success not only in fund raising, if needed, but also for regulatory, management, and may be resourcing purposes. The situation becomes more complicated when foreign investors are involved since some regulatory and tax implications to be considered. BMB&Co. always tries to enrich the client’s experience in developing the related FS to improve the probability of favorable outcomes and ability to go forward with the related project or business. Our approach doesn’t only cover key shareholders and their strategic contribution, but also market condition and penetration, resourcing, business techniques, and product development and delivery, among other things that comprise suitable FS. Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Market Assessment
  • FS Development
  • FS Review and Assessment
  • FS Conversion To Business Plan
  • Financial Aspects Attestation