Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services

Usually, with size and complexity comes lost resilience as a risk. Our clients are cautious and would like to have alternatives for unexpected events, especially if key resources and business commitments are at stake. At BMB&Co., we have our own comprehensive approach to develop Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Action Plan (DRAP) that are tailored to each particular client. We start at the business essence and work our way through business work flows and related risks, external risks, HR Key Person Analysis, key technology bottlenecks, and etc. BMB&Co. helps its clients through the whole process till the point where implementation for plan “B”, BCP or DRAP, then BMB&Co. can aid in the implementation, audit, and testing. Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Risk Assessment & Diagnoses
  • BCP Development
  • Critical Path Assessment
  • DRAP Development
  • Risk Mitigation Solutions Implementation