Financial reorganization – Bin Samar Contracting Company

Judgment in a bankruptcy suit – Adoption of the list of claims in a proceeding
Financial reorganization of Bin Samar Contracting Company – 9054 creditors

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Bin Samar Contracting Company
19 / Jumada al-Thani / 1441

The fourth department of the Commercial Court in Jeddah announces the date of the judgment hearing in the request for approval of the list of claims submitted by the financial reorganization company of Bin Samar Contracting Company Commercial Register No. (1116000094) in the bankruptcy case No. (3764 / s of 1440 AH). And on Wednesday, 25/6/1441 AH at 12:00 PM. The session will be held simultaneously at two locations:

Jeddah Commercial Court – Eighth Floor – Hall No. (8).
Riyadh Commercial Court – First Floor – Hall No. (1).
All creditors have the option to appear at any of the headquarters.